Kansas License Plates

Order your new Kansas license plate

Anyone is eligible for a KU license plate. You do not have to be a KU Alumni Association member or a graduate of KU in order to put a Jayhawk license plate on your car.

  1. Visit your county treasurer’s office. In addition to the $50 annual tax-deductible contribution to the KU Alumni Association, your normal state tag fees, vehicle taxes, and a one-time special plate issuance fee of $45.50 to create the plate is assessed. Kansas county treasurers (and DMV offices for Johnson County residents) are authorized to accept the $50 contribution when you pay your annual state tag fees and vehicle taxes.
  2. The treasurer’s office (or DMV for Johnson County residents) will issue a 30-day temporary tag to use until your permanent license plate is mailed.

Renew your Kansas license plate

  1. You will receive your annual vehicle tag and tax statement from the State of Kansas.
  2. The vehicle tag and tax statement will include the $50 annual contribution required to maintain your KU license plate(s).
  3. You have the option of renewing your KU license plate(s) in person at your county treasurer’s office, by mail to your county treasurer, or online via the State’s website at www.kswebtags.org.
  4. Renewal can occur in a single transaction.


Contact our License Plate Administrator, Julie Lowrance, at jlowrance@kualumni.org or 800-584-2957 for more information.